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These are some of the subjects whose lives have been told by films, interpreted by great names in the cinema. Let’s find out together which other artists have inspired actors and directors to create great films. As you watch shows online on 123movies website¬†you get the best options there.

A scene from the girl with a pearl earring

The life of artists, often tormented and unruly, fascinates as much as their works. Difficult relationships, lovers, alcohol and damnation: they seem fundamental ingredients, together with talent and discipline, to create real masterpieces. This is why cinema has often been captured by the complexity of these characters, so much so that the list of films focused on the life and work of the great masters of painting and art in general has several examples. We have chosen for you the ones that we like best!

The girl with the Pearl Earring

Based on Tracy Chevalier’s novel of the same name, this film catapults us to Holland in the 1600s: the plot revolves around the realization of Jan Vermeer’s painting entitled Girl with a turban, but also known as Girl with a Pearl Earring. The story tells how the young Greet became, from a simple servant, first aide then a true master’s muse. When his most important client orders him a portrait of the girl, played in the film by Scarlett Johansson (whose resemblance to the portrayed girl is impressive), Vermeer will sublimate his interest in her in this work of art, which today became famous in Worldwide?

The most intense scene, which suggests the agreement between the painter and the young Greet, is the one in which the painter makes the hole in his ear, so as to be able to insert the pearl earring.

The Colors of the Soul

Just she, looking at his paintings, often asked him why he did not paint the eyes of the subjects. And she, who was the model of the painting that Mode presented to the competition, was the first subject of Modigliani’s eyes. Unfortunately, as a closure of his dramatic existence, Modigliani will not know the outcome of the race, because he will be beaten to death in an alley on the evening of the proclamation.

The most intense scene in the film is the one in which the artists paint the paintings that will compete in the competition.

Marina Baranovichi. The artist is present. DVD. With book

Leading name of Performance Art, Marina Aramaic, contemporary Serbian artist, is the protagonist of this documentary produced by HBO, American television channel. In her performances, Aramaic was able to challenge the limits that the body imposes on us, using her own body as an expressive means to convey messages and break down barriers. Now from 123movies you will be having the best options for the perfect movie viewing.